it's all about the art of storytelling

Li San’s Courses

Make Your Own Travel Video

1 NOV | SAT | 10AM – 5PM

Capture the wonderful moments of your next vacation and immortalise the memories into a video to share with friends and family in this fun 1-day workshop.

Led by filmmaker Gek Li San, discover how to make travel videos like a pro. Learn about the different shot sizes, when and how to use them, framing techniques, and combining still and moving images to capture the essence of your trip.

This workshop is suitable for general public!!


Rhythm in Editing Masterclass – 1 Day

On going (Please check with AV8 for next up coming class)

While the tools have become cheaper and easier to use,the skill involved in editing remains something that must be learned through experience. Having an understanding of the aesthetics of editing is what truly makes a good editor.

In this master class, experienced editor and instructor Gek Li San discusses one of the most important parts of editing – RHYTHM.

Editing Trailers | Art of Teasing 

24 May 2014 | Sat | 1.30-5.30pm

The trailer is one of the most important marketing element in today’s over crowded, over whelming moving visual world. There are tones of different films or video screening in various platforms. Learning the art of drawing the crowds to follow your feature film, short film or television programme is a utmost important skill to acquire.



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