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The Future

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This is an important and impressive piece of technology news in our video industry. (Cannot not share)


“It will allow smartphones to do real 4K resolutions in video mode without the kind of massive quality loss at low bitrates”

“H.265 supports up to 8K and in Japan trials are underway to broadcast digital 8K feeds to the home.”

I wonder if technology is going in the right direction by designing smaller and smaller elements for this overcrowding world… does it mean that we should also re-look into all other aspect of our lives by reducing the size? Even with the amount of time we spend on editing or working per say?

When the size is smaller, with the same amount of container, we can load more stuff.  So… when we spend less time in the editing suite, our mind will have more space to be creative?  That maybe a result of us spending more time with our live? What do you think?


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