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Silence (John Cage)

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It’s the new year.

I presume most people had a blast or was indulged in some kind of celebration for the past weeks. Music and sound are inevitable companion when we celebrate. Music and sound are also inevitable in filmmaking or video making. I remembered a senior filmmaker friend once told me this: “without sound, you don’t have half of the film”. I quote this in almost every of the editing class that I had conducted.

Today, I will like to talk about a musician. He is not particularly known in the filmmaking arena. He is an avant garde musician – John Cage.

John Cage is also a well know music theorist. I find his take on sound, especially silence, is one fascinating theory with so much possibilities. And that is definitely one of the essence about the art of editing – looking for possibilities.

John Cage becomes a centenarian in 2012.

You can watch him talks about silence

And watch his most celebrated performance title 4’33”

After all these viewing, you can continue to read his fascinating autobiography (its a thesis!)


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