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Intuition over Instinct (Rhythm in Editing)


I have recent designed and delivered a film editing workshop based on Karen Pearlman’s book Cutting Rhythms: Shaping the Film Edit.

I have to admit that it is a new discovery for me to vocalized intuition (intuitive rhythm) in editing. Her concept that “Intuition is not Instinct , it can be learned” is excellent. In the process of designing this workshop, I get a chance to discover how I have acquired my own intuition in editing throughout the years.

Karen Pearlman discusses the role and importance of Intuition over instinct in the creative process here.

You can watch more of Karen Pearlman’s interview on some of the topics regarding understanding rhythm and pace in film editing from AFTRS Screen Culture blog.


3 thoughts on “Intuition over Instinct (Rhythm in Editing)

  1. Fascinating to hear it scientifically explained how I have the ability to do what I do as an editor.

  2. This was quite insightful and that resulted in an editing masterclass that was refreshingly done!

    Certainly allowed me and my students to look at films in a completely different manner and to understand what is means to cut a film intuitively and what are the different rhythms that one can cut an edit to.

    Most importantly, its allowed me to have a firmer grasp of the decisions editors should be making when looking at cutting a film.

  3. BK, I have to thank you for inviting me to give an editing masterclass to NuStudio at NUS. Without your brief about the status of the student’s learning requirements, I wouldn’t come up with this concept. There was a lot of fun during the research and planning. Thanks! 🙂

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