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Lightworks is an NLE (Non Linear Editing Software) that has been around for 22years. They are making a bold move by allowing it to be an open source NLE. This means that it is now a freeware!

You can download the beta version from their website to test it out.



Below is a quote from wikipedia that pretty much sums up the reason why this software is still around after so many years even when it is not selling well.

“Using a control interface similar to the industry standard Steenbeck controller they produced a non-linear editing system. It had a number of (for its time) unique features, such as “sync slip”, synchronized varispeed playback with audio scrubbing, synchronized multi-channel playback, and an object-oriented user interface with a dedicated hardware console. Some of these features are still unmatched by other competing systems.”

I remember some editors comment that this system is extremely useful for multi-cam editing. It was very popular for editing of concerts years back.

Unfortunately, it is only available for windows user currently. But the website mentioned that they planned to make Linux and OS X version available by end of this year.


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