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DCP – Digital Cinema Package

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Recently a Singapore filmmaker, Chai Yee Wei kindly shares his new knowledge about DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with a bunch of us in the industry. Since we are all migrating to digital filmmaking, it is inevitable that we will need to learn the new rope on how to handle this monster on cinema. In the near future – 2012, there is a possibility that 80% of Singapore’s cinema will be adopting digital projection, therefore DCP will become one of the 101 filmmaking lesson you have to take in regards to prepare your digital files (film) for screening.

Read some basic understanding about DCP from wikipedia.

If you hire a post house to get the files ready for you, it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there is an open source freeware – OPENDCP available for you to test. Please note that currently opendcp doesn’t support subtitling.

Trial and error is certainly needed. In order for you to fully convinced that you have the files right is nonetheless testing it on a DCP projector. This will be one of the most tricky situation for all independent filmmakers.

Yee Wei’s company  Hot Cider Films is offering service below for filmmakers who need a fuller support on this new technologoy.

1) Industry standard DCP(Digital Cinema Package), DCDM (Digital Cinema Initiative Distribution Master), Encryption and KDM generation.
2) software conforming from multiple sources, like DPX, TIFF sequence or even a QT file.
3) Industry compliant subtitles in multiple languages

You may contact Chai Yee Wei via his company Hot Cider Films for more information.


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