it's all about the art of storytelling

My edited Videos & Films

Trailer for A Singapore Short Film Competition.




Trailer for Lien Foundation and ACM Foundation – Design for Death International Competition

If you can’t view, please go to http://vimeo.com/68051257




Trailer for Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay in celebration for 10th anniversary.




Trailer for THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2012

My Edited works with various Directors :

Two short films directed by Tan Pin Pin

REMEMBER | A dance featuring a cast of words inspired by a thesaurus, 6 min

YANGTZE SCRIBBLER | A set of graffiti is found at Yangtze Cinema, 6 min

Earlier short film made by Tan Pin Pin

MOVING HOUSE | “Moving House” was one of six documentary ideas chosen to be funded.”Moving House” was screened in December 2001 throughout Asia. It became the first documentary commissioned by Discovery Channel to be entirely conceptualized, initiated and directed by a Singaporean.

A feature documentary film directed by Eric Lim

Remember Chek Jawa

A feature film directed by Wee Li Lin

Gone Shopping

Crossings, Jackie Chan

A biography of a Hong Kong’s superstar and one of the world’s greatest stuntmen. Produced by Bang Singapore in 2004 in association with Jackie Chan, Discovery and the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

Inside the Forbidden City

An adaptation of 12parts CCTV documentary into 2 Parts for National Geographic Channel.

Below are some films or videos I made previously. Hope to add on to the list slowly.

Small Talk | a bitchy short film that won runner’s up in tiger classic short film competition (1999)

Shampoo | a really funny spoof of Alfred Hitchcock psycho.

Crying Girl | Student films made in 1999


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